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Fischer Race Classic IFP Padidinti

FISCHER RACE CLASSIC IFP lygumų slidinėjimo apkaustai

55,00 €

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S-Sportas Vilnius
+370 620 12300
S-Sportas Kaunas
+370 611 22992
S-Sportas Šiauliai
+370 620 33800

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FISCHER Race Classic IFP - naujos kartos apkaustai klasikiniam stiliui. Lengvas tvirtinimas ir užsegimas. TURNAMIC® - reguliuojamų apkaustų sistema kiekvieno poreikiams ir stiliui.

Turn Lock Tool Free Double Lock Slider
Turn Lock

The ergonomic design of the lever with secure-grip soft components enables intuitive handling when stepping in and out of the binding. Haptic and acoustic response when opening and closing. Protected against unwanted opening.

Tool Free

The mounting and positioning works tool-free and is optimized for easy operation even in difficult conditions on the track. A clearly visible value display in the windows next to the adjustment and the sensible latching facilitates positioning.

Double Lock Slider

Double locking clip for easy and safe fixation and adjustment of the binding on the IFP (Integrated Fixation Plate).

FLOWFLEX® Torsion-Proofed Body LOW PROFILE

The two-part plate and the latching with two closely spaced pins not only guarantees double security but also the fixing of the binding at one point. The residual binding housing is floatingly supported over the entire length in the longitudinal direction, whereby the ski performance remains uneffected.

Torsion-Proofed Body

The well-thought-out (in all details) housing construction with broad contact surface and torsionally stiff geometry is the basis for direct power transfer. Previously unattained ski control and forward thrust go hand in hand with low weight.


The minimalistic design height ensures a low stand position and maximum stability as a result. This means a more stable gliding phase and a direct feel or the snow at the same time.


The Step-In mechanism makes it extremely easy to step into the binding. You can hear a clear 'click' when the binding is closed properly

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